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What is Stacked?

Stacked.camp is a website created by avid campers to help the outdoor community find firewood for their next adventure.

Having camped many times over the years, we always wished there was an easy way to find firewood – near our campsite or along the way – so we decided to build it ourselves. Help us populate the map.

About Stacked

how it works

When you find firewood, take a picture with your phone.
Submit a firewood location by dropping a pin or uploading the photo. No service? - save it for later.
Answer a few quick questions about the firewood and location.
Submit. Done.

How using Stacked.camp can help the environment

Helps reduce the spread of invasive species

By transporting untreated firewood over long-distances, invasive pests and species get transported as well - which leads to the destruction of our forests. Learn More→

Discourages people from foraging the forest

Some campgrounds allow users to gather firewood from the ground. However, in most areas, gathering or cutting down trees for firewood isn't allowed without a permit.

Supports local businesses and families

Stacked.camp's firewood locations are submitted by the camping and outdoor community. Our goal is to add as many local shops and firewood sellers as possible.

Types of places

Stacked maps all sorts of places where users can find firewood.

Camp Hosts
Gas Stations / Convenience Stores
Hardware Stores
Park & Camp Offices
Mom & Pop
Grocery Stores
Big Box Stores
Anywhere Else!

Help us build a firewood map for everyone