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The Basics.

What is Stacked? • How does Stacked work? is a website created by avid campers to help the outdoor community find firewood for their next adventure. Having camped many times over the years, we always wished there was an easy way to find firewood either near our campsite or along the way, so we decided to build it ourselves.

Stacked was created to help people find firewood. It’s powered by a community of campers, hikers, backpackers, and outdoorsy folks who submit firewood locations (aka “stacks”) they find throughout their adventures. You can think of as a user-generated map of reliable places to find the most important part of any camping trip: the firewood.

→ You can learn more about Stacked, by visiting About Stacked.

The Basics

What is a Stack?

A Stack is what we call a firewood location. Firewood locations come in a range of shapes and sizes. We map locations like grocery, hardware, and convenience stores, camp hosts and park offices, and most importantly, mom & pop who like to stack firewood at the end of their driveway.

The Basics

What's considered outdoor, covered, and indoor?

Indoors: Firewood that is stored inside a store, garage, or shed.

Covered: Firewood that is stored outside, but under a tarp or on a porch.

Outdoors: Firewood that is outside and exposed to the elements.

The Basics

What qualifies a Stack? • What counts as a Stack?

To submit a Stack, we ask for a few pieces of information to learn more about the location and condition of the firewood.  In order for the Stacked location to appear on our website, we want to ensure the locations are reliable, are inviting business, and are publicly accessible. If you’d like to submit a stack, simply refer to these guidelines.

The Stacked Map includes 8 types of locations: 

  • Mom & Pop: Residential homes and Roadside stands.
  • Camp Hosts
  • Park Offices
  • Gas Stations / Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hardward Stores
  • Big Box Stores (like Lowes or Walmart)
  • Other

There are a few qualifications for a firewood location to appear on our website:

  • The location has to appear to be a consistent and/or reliable source of firewood.
  • The location has to have a sign advertising firewood for sale. This doesn’t qualify for locations in commercial establishments, like stores or gas stations.
  • The location has to be quality, burnable wood without trash or other materials.

→ If you have questions regarding what qualifies a stack, feel free to reach out to us at or ask a question.

→ Meet all the criteria and are ready to submit? Add Firewood now!

The Basics

What does "split" mean?

The term “split” refers to logs that have been broken into pieces. Split wood is much easier to burn than logs are, so finding split firewood can save you loads of time.

We consider firewood in three basic forms: logs, split-wood, and kindling.

As you know, firewood starts it’s life as a tree. when the tree is cut down, it’s chopped up into logs - which are big round chunks of wood. Logs can keep a campfire going for hours, however they need a tremendous amount of heat to start burning, so they’re not so great for starting fires.

Split pieces of wood are logs that have been divided into smaller pieces, usually with an ax or a hatchet. Split-wood is the easiest form of firewood because it’s light and can easily stack. However, you’ll need even smaller pieces of wood to start your fire.

Kindling is great for starting fires, but will quickly burn out. Kindling is a term for small sticks, twigs, and thin pieces of split-wood that can be used to get a fire going.

The Basics

What's a "bundle?"

Often times split firewood is sold “in bundles,” which means it’s packaged, boxed, tied, or bagged for ease. 

Bundles are usually also kiln-dried, which means the wood is not wet, will easily light, and is free of bugs or pests. Most US National Parks sell bundled kiln-dried wood at the park office or camp host. You can expect to pay about seven dollars for about six pieces of wood.

The Basics

Where am I allowed to burn wood? • Are campfires allowed?

Great question! There are various laws throughout the United States regarding campfires and bonfires - it’s important to know the rules and local laws before you start your fire. has compiled a national catalog of the authorities responsible for fire restrictions and burn bans across the United States.

Remember what Smokey says: “Only you can prevent forest fires"

→ Learn more about fire restrictions and rules

The Basics

How do firewood locations get added to Stacked? • Who add Stacks?

Anyone can add firewood locations to Stacked. Our entire map is powered by a community of outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and campers. The primary way locations get added to Stacked, is by users uploading photos of stores, camp offices, gas stations, or roadside locations where firewood can be found. We use the GPS data embedded in the uploaded photo to pinpoint the location. We then to quickly confirm the location during the upload process and  ask a few follow-up questions to learn a little bit more - the process can be done in a few seconds.

Businesses or residences that plan to consistently sell firewood are also able to add and claim Stacked locations by submitting them. Please reach out directly if you have a large dataset to

Additionally, the Stacked team also adds locations to the map as we find them - our priority is to add locations that are unique, near campsites, or are “off the beaten path” instead of gas stations and big-box stores.

-> Submit a firewood location here. Add Firewood.

The Basics

Does Stacked collect user data? • Does stacked use cookies or other tracking data?

Stacked doesn’t track or use any data specific to any individual - nothing you submit to this website is connected to you other than the info you provide when you upload (name and email address). We don’t gather any information other than what is provided when users submits one of our forms or adds a firewood location. Additionally, when submitters upload photos to the site, we remove all data from them except for the GPS information needed to pinpoint the location on the map to further avoid identifying anyone.

However, Stacked does use tracking code and analytic cookies on this website to better the overall experience. We use marketing and analytics software to help us find and fix bugs as well as better the website based on usage, patterns, and automated flags.

-> If you have any questions regarding the way we use data, please feel free to contact us at

The Basics

Contributing to Stacked.

Why doesn't the map or location show up when I upload a photo?

In order for Stacked to use your photo's location, GPS information has to be present in the photo. Most iPhones and Androids will include this information by default when the photo is taken, however there are a few reasons why the location doesn't make it to Stacked. If you experience issues, try these potential fixes:

  • Make sure location services are allowed when taking photos on your phone.

iPhone Users Only:
We are aware of an issue with iPhone's HEIC format that prevents the sharing of location information associated with a photo. To fix this issue, users have to change the "Camera Capture Format" in their iPhone settings from "High Efficiency" to "Most Compatible"


What's the best way to contribute to Stacked?

Glad you asked! There are three major ways that you can help us.

  1. Spread the word. We built this site for the community and need help getting the word out.
  2. Contribute firewood locations. The more firewood locations on the map, the more campers we can help!
  3. Support Stacked financially. Donating to Stacked can go alone way to keeping the site running.

I don't see my Stack • How often does the Stacked map get updated? • Are firewood submissions instant?

Every firewood location submission is individually reviewed by a member of the Stacked team. We do our best to verify if the firewood actually exists at the submitted location and confirm any information provided by the submitter.

We publish new stacks to the map at least once a week.

→ If you're having issues adding firewood, please let us know by Reporting An Issue.


How can I donate to Stacked?

Donating to Stacked is easy, and every little bit counts! Our site is designed to be as cost effective as possible, but keeping Stacked running can add-up. If you'd like to donate to Stacked, whether it be $5 or $500, we'd greatly appreciate it. You can do so via our Support Us page. We use Donately to process donations online and securely.

→ You can donate to Stacked on our Support Us page.


How do I submit a Firewood Location or Stack?

Anybody can submit a firewood location (aka “a stack”) right here on our website. We rely on our fellow outdoorsy friends to contribute Stacks they find throughout their travels. If you find a place to buy firewood, we encourage you to add it for others to utilize!

Submitting a new location is easy. You have the option of dropping a pin, or uploading a photo of the location. We can use the GPS in the photo to determine where the firewood is.

→ You can Add Firewood here.


Finding Firewood.

Where do people typically find firewood? • If I can't find firewood here, where should I look?

Firewood can be found all over the place, ranging from gas stations to convenient stores to park and camp offices. Most US National and State Parks that have campsites will also sell firewood. Be sure to check the Camp / Park Office or Camp Host. You can expect to pay about seven dollars for about five pieces. 

When you end up finding your firewood, please remember to add it here for others in the future!

Add Firewood

Finding Firewood

Can I order firewood on Stacked? • Does Stacked deliver?

No, we don’t sell, deliver or reserve firewood. Stacked’s mission is to help the outdoor community locate firewood sellers. Some sellers may offer reservations or delivery, however, we don’t coordinate with the sellers regarding orders or deliveries.

Finding Firewood

Can I use Stacked offline?

Currently, an internet connection is required to access the Stacked map. We realize that internet can be scarce when camping, so we've designed the site and map to be as lite as possible. This allows the map to load with very little internet.

Finding Firewood

I don't see any locations near me. • Why aren't there any search results?

Stacks database is powered by its community - we display known firewood locations contributed by our fellow outdoor lovers. Since we started in 2020 when the world was a bit chaotic, some areas on our map won’t have as many, or any, firewood locations yet. But don’t worry, our map updates every weeks with more contributions from folks like you.

Sorry we couldn’t help, but if you end up finding firewood, please add it to our map!

Add Firewood.

Finding Firewood

Can I buy firewood on this website? • Does Stacked sell firewood?

No, we don’t sell firewood on this website. instead, you can use this website to find locations where firewood is sold.

→ To get started, Find Firewood.

Finding Firewood

Can I move firewood? • Where should I buy firewood?

Firewood shouldn’t be transported long distances. The general rule of thumb is 10-miles. This is to avoid contaminating the natural environment with pests and critters that live in untreated firewood. We strongly encourage you to use our website to find firewood close to your destination to avoid moving wood too far.

→ For more information, check out our friends at

Finding Firewood

How can I find firewood near me? • Is there a place I can buy firewood?

You’ve come to the right place. Stacked was created to help you find firewood near you. The first thing to do is search a location on the home page. From there you will see any and all locations near you.

Find Firewood.

Finding Firewood

Selling Firewood.

How do I add my business to Stacked?

Fill in an answer here.

Selling Firewood

How do I post my Stack? • How can I sell firewood on Stacked?

If you sell firewood, either professionally or just to make a few bucks on the side, we’d love to host your location on Stacked. Stack is a community focused map with a goal to help people find firewood. We don’t sell firewood or ask for commission, cuts, or fees. Our goal is to connect people who want to buy firewood with people who sell firewood, plain and simple. 

→ The process for adding your firewood location is simple, simply submit your firewood here.

Selling Firewood

How do I claim a Stack? • How do I remove my house or business from Stacked?

If you own a business or home that’s listed on, you can claim it as your own. By doing this, you have the option to submit photos, verify or add information, as well as remove the listing altogether. You can claim a Stack location by emailing us at Please include the URL of the Stack so we can help as quickly as possible.

→ To claim a stack, please email

Selling Firewood

Error Reporting.

What's the fastest way to report an error? • How do I submit a bug report?

Thanks for being on the lookout. If you've run into an issue, the best way to let the team know is by filling out our Issue Report form. Please be as thorough as possible. This will allow us to get a jump start and better understand the issue from your end.

Report An Issue

Error Reporting

Can I leave a review? • How do I leave a review?

At the moment, we don’t have a rating or review system in place, but are looking to add features like this in the future.

Error Reporting

There's no firewood here! • How do I flag a location? • What if they don't sell firewood here anymore? • How do I report an outdated listing?

Sometimes locations that sell firewood end up being inaccurate or don’t sell firewood consistently, this can be especially true with mom & pop locations who might not sell firewood all year. If you think the location was placed in error, please report it. If it seems that they still sell firewood, but aren’t at the moment, then better luck next time. Hopefully there is another Stack nearby!

→ If you think the Stacked location is outdated, please Report A Stack here.

Error Reporting

How can I report a fake listing? • How can I report a Stack?

If you come across a Stack that you think is fake or incorrect, please let us know so we can fix or remove it ASAP.

Report An Issue.

Error Reporting

Does Stacked verify firewood locations?

Currently, we rely on users to verify firewood locations. We do our best to verify the locations before publishing them to the map.

→ If you find an error in our listing, please report it so we can verify and alter the stack.

Error Reporting

How do I report a stack in the wrong location?

Bummer. Sometimes Stacked locations don’t land in the right spot. This can be due to a few issues like inaccuracy in the GPS data associated with the Stack or the location or seller is no longer selling firewood. If you find a Stack that's been misplaced, please let us know right away.

→ You can Report An Issue here. Please be sure to include the URL. If you found the correct location, please submit it by Adding A Firewood Location.

Error Reporting

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