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Stacked is a community-focused project with the goal of helping campers find firewood. Simply put  – we are trying to put firewood locations on a map.

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Stacked allows users to find firewood via a mobile website.

No Downloads. No App Stores

Stacked was created to help campers find firewood when internet is spotty and App Store downloads will take forever. Stacked.camp is built as a lite-weight webapp that loads on thousands of devices.

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What is stacked.camp?

Stacked.camp is a website created by avid campers to help the outdoor community find firewood for their next adventure. Having camped many times over the years, we always wished there was an easy way to find firewood near our campsite or along the way, so we decided to build it ourselves. Stacked was created to help people find firewood.

It’s powered by a community of campers, hikers, backpackers, and outdoorsy folks who submit firewood locations (aka “stacks”) they find throughout their adventures. You can think of Stacked.camp as a user-generated map of reliable places to find the most important part of any camping trip; the firewood.

How do firewood locations get added to the map?

It's simple, firewood locations that are visible on our map are contributed by people like you – good ol' nature-loving humans like yourself. Help us add reliable firewood locations to the map!

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how it works

When you find firewood, take a picture with your phone.
Submit a firewood location by dropping a pin or uploading the photo. No service? - save it for later.
Answer a few quick questions about the firewood and location.
Submit. Done.


Finding firewood for campfires can be tough. Wouldn't it be great if there was a map, of all the places where you can find firewood?


☞ We thought so too.

Our Story

Since we were kids, we’ve always had a love for hiking, camping, and the outdoors. Of course, no camping experience is complete without the center of attention: the campfire.

Starting in Boy Scouts, we became regular campers, learning to build and cook over a fire. Fast forward twenty years and the passion hasn’t died. A few summers ago, the bi-weekend camping trip was upon us. The plan, like usual, was to pick up our food, water, booze, and firewood along the way - but due to road construction, our routes were mixed up. Finding the food, water, and booze is easy, but firewood - not so much, and the one place we usually go was inaccessible. Suddenly, it seemed so obvious – if only there was a map of places to find firewood.

Combining our backgrounds in design and cloud engineering, and using any extra time we had outside of our real jobs... we built Stacked: a community-focused organization with the mission of putting firewood locations on the map. Welcome.

Who We Are

George Little

Product Design & Marketing

George is an avid camper and hiker. You can often find him using his spare time to explore the vast landscapes of the southwest with his trusty dogs. George is a designer at heart and is currently the Director of Marketing Design at Remesh where he is responsible for all things brand design.

John Petrini

Product Development & Engineering

John has been camping since he was 7-years-old and has a passion for it; be it car camping with a group of friends or a solo backpacking trip. Some have called John 'the fixer' as he's always the one to take on a repair or start building something - like his travel trailer, which he built from scratch. He is currently a Sr. OpenStack Engineer at Coredial where he helps maintain and automate the infrastructure powering a hosted VoIP platform.

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