Discover Colorado's Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Campgrounds for the Adventurous Camper

May 13, 2024

Colorado is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures, but if you're looking to escape the typical tourist spots and immerse yourself in tranquility, there are several lesser-known campgrounds that promise a truly unique experience. Here’s a guide to some of Colorado’s hidden gems that are perfect for those seeking solitude and spectacular scenery.

1. Lost Lake Campground, Nederland

Nestled near Nederland, Lost Lake Campground offers seclusion with panoramic views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. This area is accessible via a scenic drive from Boulder, making it an easy escape for a weekend of fishing, hiking, and photography. The best part? The campsites are spread out, offering plenty of privacy.

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2. Pawnee Campground, Brainard Lake Recreation Area

For those willing to venture a little further, Pawnee Campground at Brainard Lake is a quiet spot even during the busiest months. Located in a high alpine setting, it’s the perfect base for hiking the nearby trails that offer spectacular views of the Continental Divide. The area is also popular for wildlife viewing, especially moose.

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3. Angel of Shavano Campground, Salida

One of the lesser-publicized campgrounds, Angel of Shavano is located near Salida and provides a rustic camping experience adjacent to the Colorado Trail. The campground is named after a snowfield resembling an angel on the nearby Mount Shavano. This spot is especially great for those who enjoy mountain biking and trail running.

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4. Camp Dick Campground, Peaceful Valley

Surrounded by thick forest and the rushing waters of Middle Saint Vrain Creek, Camp Dick offers a serene setting that feels miles away from civilization. It’s an excellent site for those who enjoy fly fishing and nature walks. The sound of the creek provides a soothing backdrop for a peaceful night under the stars.

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5. Gould Campground, State Forest State Park

Hidden in the depths of State Forest State Park near Walden, Gould Campground is a haven for those who chase after solitude. The park is known as the "moose viewing capital of Colorado," so don’t be surprised if you spot some of these majestic creatures roaming nearby. The area offers numerous trails for hikers of all skill levels.

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Practical Tips for Visiting Lesser-Known Campgrounds

  • Check Access Roads: Some of these campgrounds are accessible via dirt roads that may require vehicles with higher clearance or four-wheel drive.
  • Respect Fire Bans: Always check local fire bans and regulations. Use portable camp stoves during bans. Colorado’s Fire Authorities →
  • Leave No Trace: Practice "Leave No Trace" principles to keep these hidden gems pristine for future visitors. Learn More →

By choosing these lesser-known campgrounds in Colorado, you not only enjoy a quieter, more intimate camping experience but also help preserve the natural beauty of these areas by reducing overcrowding at more popular sites.

Plan your trip today and discover the untouched beauty of Colorado’s wilderness!

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