A Long Weekend Getaway: Exploring the Hudson Valley Campgrounds

May 29, 2023

Welcome back to another thrilling post from your trusted camping companion, stacked.camp! Today, we're going to traverse the picturesque Hudson Valley, a favorite weekend getaway spot for New Yorkers. We'll explore some of its remarkable campgrounds and a cherished local diner, so buckle up, it's time for an adventure!

Escaping the Concrete Jungle - Just a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, the Hudson Valley offers an irresistible mix of panoramic landscapes, lush forests, and tranquil water bodies. The perfect escape for city dwellers, this region brings you closer to nature, with the joy of a warm campfire right at your fingertips. And remember, always choose local firewood to protect our environments from invasive species.

Devil's Tombstone Campground:

Our first stop, the ominously named Devil's Tombstone Campground, is tucked in one of the oldest forests of the Catskill Mountains. The campground offers an unmatched rustic charm, with opportunities to hike the infamous Devil's Path and witness breathtaking views. Come nightfall, a bonfire under the starlit sky is a must-have experience. Use stacked.camp to find local firewood to make your campfire even more special.

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Mongaup Pond Campground:

Next up is the Mongaup Pond Campground, the largest body of water in the Catskill Park outside of the reservoirs. It's a haven for activities like swimming, fishing, boating, and bird-watching. As the sun sets, share some delicious s'mores around a cozy campfire, using only locally sourced firewood to help protect our precious ecosystems.

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Fahnestock State Park Campground:

The Fahnestock State Park Campground offers a delightful blend of adventures and relaxation. Known for its extensive hiking trails, scenic picnic spots, and the tranquil Canopus Lake, this place is a true camper's paradise. And nothing caps off the day better than a campfire using local firewood, leaving a minimal impact on the environment.

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Kenneth L. Wilson Campground:

Tucked away amid dense hardwood forests, the Kenneth L. Wilson Campground is an ideal retreat for those seeking serenity. Here, you can engage in hiking, biking, or simply appreciate the beauty of the surrounding wildlife. A peaceful campfire under the stars, fueled by local firewood, creates the perfect end to an adventurous day.

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A Tasty Finish - Phoenicia Diner:

After a weekend filled with outdoor adventures, treating yourself to a hearty Sunday breakfast is a must before heading back to the city. Visit the Phoenicia Diner, a local treasure in the Hudson Valley, known for its mouthwatering dishes. This eatery’s unique twist on classic diner fare makes it the ideal spot to refuel before concluding your weekend escape.

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Wrapping Up:

Your long weekend in the Hudson Valley will undoubtedly be an unforgettable mix of scenic beauty, thrilling outdoor activities, tranquil campfires, and delightful dining experiences. And, remember, being a responsible camper means sourcing your firewood locally to protect the places you love to visit. Use stacked.camp to find your nearest firewood source and stay updated on fire restriction information.

Eager for your Hudson Valley escape? Remember to consult the stacked.camp map for your local firewood needs and stay informed on fire bans or restrictions in your chosen area. Protect our forests and make your camping trips more eco-friendly. Until next time, happy camping!

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